Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy‑In

Change is inevitable. Resistance to change is just as predictable.

How do you motivate teams to willingly get on board?

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The pandemic and following uncertainty in the market left many knowledge workers burnt out and uninterested in going “above and beyond” in the workplace. But organizations must continue to evolve and change leaders can’t afford to postpone innovation indefinitely.

Everyone is exhausted. Change fatigue is real, and it makes sense, but change still has to happen. There's no way around it: evolution—change—is a necessary function of every living thing, and organizations are no exception. If a team is not evolving, innovating, and showing value they will likely find themselves on the budgetary chopping block. The status quo is not a viable solution.

CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams from Burnout to Buy‑In provides actionable tools for senior leaders, managers, team members, and consultants. Magic and Breker address the foundational psychological safety domains that underpin willingness to change alongside practical, do-it-today techniques that will help regardless of where the team is starting off. 

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Figure out what kind of change leader you are in order to move your team forward efficiently! 

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The Build Better Buy‑In Course

Readers of the book have asked for more support, templates, and a step-by-step guide to move from project overwhelm to a clear path forward. You're in luck! Our new course launches November 1. 

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Jenny & Melissa have been keynote speakers, presenters, workshop leaders & session hosts at events and conferences worldwide. We'd love to inspire your team at your next event.

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From quick-turn workshops to get your team on track to longer engagements providing a strapped team with extra time and skills to lead change, we can support any change initiative, at any stage of the process.

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Change Facilitation Experts, Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker

Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker have been collaborating on consulting projects and sharing the speaking stage since 2015. In addition to almost two decades of leading digital transformation and marketing change they are also certified leadership coaches, trained psychological safety practitioners, top-notch team facilitators, and experienced management consultants. Their insights are actionable, approachable and comprehensive. Their track record of leading teams out of workplace frustration and into willing partnership on shared goals has led to a small army of happy clients with happy teams. 

Jenny & Melissa have been keynote speakers, presenters, workshop leaders

& session hosts at events and conferences worldwide.