Building Better Buy‑In
Builds Better Change

Have you been asked to help plan, lead, or execute a change project and are wondering if you're set up for success?

Change initiatives require that people change what they do, how they do it, or how they identify with their work for it to succeed. You need them to be invested.

If your upcoming project has you feeling overwhelmed, we’ll help you build a clear roadmap that will get you better buy‑in for better results.

The BUILD BETTER BUY‑IN course is a self-paced course designed to help anyone collaborating on a project that requires change create better buy‑in and collaboration using our change roadmap process.

You'll be held accountable for the project's success, but all you see is...

  • Active and vocal resistance to change
  • Change fatigue / burnout / exhaustion 
  • False agreement  - just going along but not investing in or supporting the work
  • Reduced team performance due to  low psychological safety in teams
  • Lack of adoption of change initiatives
  • Territorial teams - information is trapped in silos

Change always seems to come out of nowhere and there’s
never a clear path forward that everyone can get on board with.


We've helped teams of all shapes and sizes save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars by helping them successfully implement change initiatives, such as: 

  • Implementing or switching project management tools or other technology
  • Reorganizing staff or departments to meet new goals
  • Redesigning the organization’s website
  • Updating the organization's strategic vision
  • Aligning sales and marketing teams
  • Changing how teams run meetings, communicate, and collaborate

The Build Better Buy‑In Course

Change. But without the mess and stress.

It’s like that gotta-have-it 2pm cup of coffee that takes you from played out to productive powerhouse. Ditch the overwhelm for a cuppa that puts you back in the game with a clear plan and the confidence you need to carry it out successfully.

Love a quick win? We do too. 

Create your change roadmap and specific, strategic tasks so you'll be ready to start implementing after module 1! Leverage our extensive change facilitation experience in the video sessions to avoid classic change pitfalls and fine-tune your customized action plans.

Everything you need to know to get your next change project on a path to success.

How does the course work? 

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  • Change Analysis - Agree that this is the right problem to solve, and the plan is the right one. 
  • Buy‑in - Win over all stakeholders and dependencies to boost team and organizational performance
  • Communication - Tell stories and share transparently to create successful, sustainable change 
  • Coaching - Coach team members with intent to drive impact. Support airing of concerns and handling resistance 
  • Engagement - Improve focus and participation, so team members are working on the right thing 
  • Plan for Implementation - Align motivations and assign tasks fairly with accountability
Dig Deep to Change Mindsets
  • Self-reflection - Identify biases and assumptions that may get in the way of successful leadership and change adoption
  • Vulnerability - Seek feedback to gain a wider perspective 
  • Flexibility and adaptability - Involve people in a targeted and meaningful way to support group and individual connection and awareness
Leave With A roadmap for change
  • Clarity about the needs, motivations, and expectations that triggered this project
  • Definition of the scope and impact of the change to uncover the real problem that needs solving
  • A step-by-step roadmap that considers complexity, competing priorities and timing conflicts
  • A problem agreement statement that supports requests for the right people, funding, and support
  • A clear and compelling purpose to boost community and collaboration
  • A plan for stakeholder needs and engagement (internal and external + senior and team members) to people involved in a relevant and targeted way so they are willing to change

We Wrote the Book that Changed the Game for Change Teams

Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker are a dynamic duo that helps leaders and teams reduce risks around change. With their extensive experience, strategic thinking, and exceptional facilitation skills, they are committed to helping organizations thrive during times of transition.

They have collaborated on consulting projects and shared the speaking stage since 2015. With decades of experience guiding teams through digital transformation, they decided in 2020 to create an official collaboration and started building towards their successful book, CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy‑In, and this related course.

This course is part of a game-changing framework we use with our clients and covered in our best-selling book,  CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy‑In.

Andy Crestodina

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios

If you know that change is needed...

 and you know your team is feeling the grind, here is your roadmap. This is a step-by-step framework for buy‑in and beyond. It lays out a vision to simultaneously make deep, structural changes and boost morale at the same time. It's 100% possible.

Amanda Nichols

Founder and Principal, RootEd Consulting

Straight-to-the-point, concrete road map...

...for managing and supporting teams. This quick read is tremendous resource for managers / leaders looking to enact -- and sustain -- real change.

Brian Piper

Director of Content Strategy and Assessment, University of Rochester 

For any leader starting a change project

Our teams are exhausted from all the pivoting they’ve been doing. This is the guidebook to get them back on board and prepare them to embrace change.

Your Sneak Peak...



What was the trigger or issue that activated this change? Why and why now?

Milestone: Understand the context in which this change is being proposed and write a clear problem statement to socialize with key stakeholders.

  • Lesson 1: MAPPING THE CHANGE  
    • Tool: Change Roadmap
    • Tool: Change Triggers
    • Tool: Root Cause Exercise


Do we have the capacity to do this now? What happens if we don’t?

Milestone:  Through review of how various teams and key stakeholders perceive the problem and their capacity to take on this challenge.

    • Tool: Blast Radius Assessment
    • Tool: Confidential Inquiry Guide
    • Tool: Change Readiness Radar
    • Tool: Change Fatigue Survey


Are we in agreement on the situation and the plan moving forward?

Milestone: Resources allocated, executive sponsors secured, and change roadmap ready to kickoff a collaborative solution process. 

    • Tool: Change Impacts Tool
    • Tool: Now Next Future or Current/Future State
    • Tool: Problem Statement
    • Tool: Leading the Project Prioritization Meeting (Facilitation Checklist) 
    • Tool: Stakeholder Assessment Matrix
    • Tool: Change Roadmap

For those embarking on change... we salute you.

Our mission is to help you get a head start on successful collaboration in your next change management project.

Over 75% of CEOs are anxious that their company isn’t adapting quickly enough.

Get a handle on what’s being asked of you and synthesize the problems that need solving, the organizational goals that govern the process, and the specific scope of the project into a realistic roadmap for change.

Only 24%

of organizations feel their workplace has the right model for change success.

Only 57%

of managers report having the capacity in their workday to support their teams through change.


of all change initiatives fail.

Headed toward becoming another failed statistic? That’s all about to change. 

The secret to success is easier than you think. A solid roadmap that is designed to get your people aligned with the vision behind the change, excited to be part of the collaboration, and motivated to make it successful.

Want to build it better? 

Join the course that will show you how.

The Build Better Buy‑In is a low-cost opportunity to get your change plan set up for success.

BONUS! The skills you’re learning in this course don’t just apply to the project you’ll work on during our time together. Strengthening your change management skills will help:

💡 Every project forward runs smoother
💡 You stand out as a competent change leader in your organization
💡 Make it easier to negotiate your next promotion

Our proven framework has helped hundreds of organizations to change efficiently and effectively. 


Your Step-By-Step Guide



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  • Build Better Buy‑In Toolkit 
  • Access to the course for 1 year


Course + Custom consultation

Everything DIY + Live Session with Experts



  • Access for you + 2 team members
  • Build Better Buy‑In Toolkit
  • Access to the course for 1 year
  • 90-minute private working session. Get expert advice from course instructors for your specific change initiative. 
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Changing the game and building better is what we’re all about - down to our guarantee. 

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It’s simple. If you don’t find it valuable, just email us within 30 days of the first training at info@changefatigue.com.

We didn’t design Build Better Buy‑In for people who are change specialists. We made it specifically to help you create the foundation that will equip you to confidently navigate a successful change collaboration.

If you don’t love it, then we insist that we refund your money 100%.
Love it? Perfect. We’d love a testimonial. So…

Join the course. Bring a couple of your co-workers with you. Go through the whole thing. Implement it.
Try it. Risk free.

Feedback About Your Course Instructors

Jenny is a brilliant strategic thinker and an expert at making the daunting feel doable. She turns the complex into the simple, never losing the strategy, giving actionable feedback that makes all ideas better.

Mary Nice

Mary Nice Consulting | Former Disney Marketing Leader | Adweek Creator

Through her impressive communication skills and willingness to embrace any task or challenge, Melissa has established herself as a reliable and valuable asset to any team. Her true appreciation and passion for her work is evident.

Lindsay Marett

Strategic Communications Professional

Few people can command the respect and attention of a large team, yield impressive forward movement on tight deadlines, and still warmly accept feedback from all contributors, but somehow Jenny does it, and makes it look easy! Her leadership style is a unique combination of detail oriented, creative enthusiasm, and strategic direction.

Reesa Hinks

Gravyty Senior Director, Enterprise Sales

Melissa is intelligent and resourceful. She is also enthusiastic and extremely capable and a valuable asset to any organization seeking a partner who can contribute in a meaningful manner to its development and success.

Vernon Samaroo

Director Karia Consulting Inc

Jenny is one of the sharpest, most creative, relevant, forward-thinking marketing consultants I have ever worked with. Anything she works on seems to soar and turn to gold!

Renee Trudeau

Owner/president Renee Trudeau & Associates

Melissa is a terrific person to work with. She is smart and savvy, professional and fun. Melissa knows her stuff, and is always looking to learn more. She is creative and self-motivated and being a solid listener and good communicator she is very effective. 

Charlie Buckley

Virtual Art Department /Virtual Production Entrepreneur

Jenny's the real deal. She's a creative strategist who doesn’t settle for the first or easy answer, but digs deeper to uncover the better idea. And, while she is very adept at big-picture strategic counsel, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty at the operational and tactical layers

Jay Baer

Convince & Convert | Author: The Time to Win: How to Exceed Your Customers’ Need for Speed

Melissa's analytical and research skills are second to none. She’s highly focused, innovative, and professional. Any company Melissa works with will benefit from her experience, management style, and dedication to impacting the bottom line.

Jennifer Blamey Muzzin

Communications strategist, brand & user experience advocate

Melissa is professional, reliable, direct, creative and what is most important - she is excellent at keeping her promises and delivers in time and on budget! Melissa exceeded our expectations and the results are fantastic. – Melissa is part of our success and we would highly recommend her work.

Allan Welyk

President & Director at Elevate Search Group

Jenny improves the teams, projects, and organizations she's a part of, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Her insight is always relevant, actionable, and unique, and I have referred her to countless clients and colleagues on a variety of topics. 

Maura Nevel Thomas, CSP

Owner and Trainer/Author/Speaker Regain Your Time

Melissa is professional, and intelligent - a strategic thinker who is focused on results. She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team.

Nuno Miguel Alves

Entrepreneur | Consultant

Jenny is someone you definitely want to have on your team. Her guidance and advice were critical in helping us ask the right questions and develop the right strategies.

Oliver Bernstein

Steady Hand PR | Formerly EveryTexan.org


Who is this course for?

Mid-career to senior leaders who have "been around the block" and have worked in enough organizations to understand that the problems of poor leadership directly translate to how well the work gets done, how engaged employees are, and overall workplace satisfaction. 

More specifically, anyone who has been tasked with leading or being accountable for a new way of working, and is feeling overwhelmed or out of their depth in terms of planning the change and executing it successfully. The course is especially helpful for projects were there isn’t a dedicated change management person assigned to help steer the project outcomes.

Who is this course NOT for

This is not an advanced change management course. If you’re already comfortable with change management models such as Proci or CCMP, or have dedicated change management resources staff to the change initiative, you’re probably covered. 


You’ll learn a step-by-step process for securing support and buy‑in for an upcoming project. We’ll cover basic project scoping, meeting facilitation, communication strategies, and at the end of the course you’ll have a clear roadmap for your project showing how likely your team is to successfully make this change.


You can! Anyone connected to the change can apply these skills to improve a change project they're working on. To lead a full change initiative according to our roadmap, you’ll need several skillsets working together: social capital to connect with leadership, project management, communications and subject matter expertise about the specific change. Depending on the change you’re leading and your spot in the organization, you may have everything you need at your fingertips, while others may need to delegate or outsource some functions. The course sets you up to assemble the right team, ask for the right resources, and find a clear path to success.

Can my Team member join? What is the cost for that?

Sure! We know change works better when there are more heads involved. You can invite up to two additional people from your company (same email domain) to the training calls and Q&A sessions. They can also get access to the course platform as well; just email us at info@changefatigue.com with their information and we’ll get them set up.

How long does the course take to complete?

The video lessons take roughly 15 minutes to watch. Then, you should spend another 30 or so minutes on your own reviewing the templates and gathering inputs. From there you’re ready to take it to your team and collaborate. 

How long will it take to see results?

Start implementing after the 1st module. The course begins with an overview of the change process and a comprehensive end-to-end checklist. You can get started right away, with our expert support as you put it into practice.

What if our team needs additional support?

If your team needs some outside reinforcement after the course is done, we offer custom workshops, quick “Power Up” sessions to get teams unstuck, and ongoing change management support (where we facilitate working sessions, convince leaders, and take on projects you don’t have capacity to complete.) We can design a solution that meets your team’s specific needs.

Building Buy‑in Pays Off

Change Projects are 14x more likely to succeed if employees are involved in the process.

Sign up now to learn how to Build Better Buy‑In for better change. 

Better change is possible

Better change is possible. The proven tools from the discipline of change management can be applied to any initiative, large or small, to help clarify goals, align leaders, secure resources, and find a clear path forward. We hope you'll sign up or reach out to us if you're facing these challenges. There is a better way!